Why Jamie Lee Curtis Made “Nepo Baby” At SAG Awards?

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of many celebrities who have recently come under fire for being a "nepo baby.

But after winning a major award chosen by actors for actors, she declared that she couldn't care less.

The iconic actress was selected for the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture at the SAG Awards on Sunday, which obviously caught her off guard.

However, she managed the situation with vigor and grace in her victory address, which was heartfelt and emotion-filled.

Jamie entered the platform to a loud standing ovation and dropped a kiss on her "EEAAO" co-star Michelle Yeoh

JLC made reference to her parents' immigrant background and their ascent to stardom in Hollywood during her speech, which ultimately led her to say, "I know you look at me and think 'Nepo baby,' and I totally get it!

However  she ended on a sincere note, saying, "But I'm 64 years old and this is just amazing."

She seems to be saying that she is content to be working as an actor and that she enjoys her work, regardless of how she arrived there

This weekend, Olivia Dunne visited the bars in Alabama.

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