By Rupa Trivedi


The Bronny James Draft Prediction

LeBron James' son Bronny continues to advance in the ranks as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers

His equity is currently at a record high. According to ESPN's 2024 fantasy draught, the 18-year-old is predicted to be a top-10 lotto choice.

Jalen Rose, an NBA commentator for ESPN, responded to the news this morning

Rose said, "I adore it. "It increases LeBron James' time limit. He has already reached the average age of 38 years. He has an opportunity to play alongside his son in the competition.

"Here's the other thing, he's probably going to go to college. Bronny, there's a school in Ann Arbor (Michigan), Juwan Howard won a championship with your Dad in Miami”.

“But in all honesty, you got to go to Ohio State if you don't go to Michigan. You got to go live in that big house. He's got to go to Ohio if he doesn't end up at Michigan."

LeBron has frequently stated his desire to compete in the NBA alongside his kid

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