By Rupa Trivedi


Olivia Dunne's ‘Boyfriend’ Video Broke The Internet

The gymnast Olivia Dunne of LSU, who earns more than $2 million annually from her social media profiles, is the most followed athlete in collegiate sports.

On Instagram and TikTok alone, Dunne has more than 10 million followers. The social media phenom frequently shares updates on her personal and athletic lives.

Fans do have one constant query, though: who is her boyfriend? Has she got one? On Tuesday afternoon, she responded to the query on social media.

"He’s just a little shy I swear," she joked in the caption of the video.

Dunne is clearly pointing out the fact that she's not dating anyone - or at least not willing to reveal that person's identity.

Fans might not be happy with the result, or perhaps they'll think they have a shot after all.

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