By Nandini Sharma


Nick Sirianni Enjoys Shots With Eagles Fans: Viral

This offseason, Nick Sirianni is no longer required to work on Sundays, so he spent the weekend having fun in a pub in New Jersey.

 A video of Sirianni drinking a shot with Eagles fans while standing behind the bar was captured by a fan.

 "I don’t apologize for having fun," Sirianni said. "This is too hard not to have fun, and I do this because I love it." 

In his second season as head coach, the 41-year-old led the Eagles to the NFC championship. 

Whether he was celebrating a successful year or soaking wet up his sorrow over failing to meet up. 

At least let's hope Sirianni didn't consume as much drink during the Super Bowl parade as Patrick Mahomes did.

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