By Kuldeep rathore 


Meet Danica Patrick's Former Spouse

Danica Patrick is reportedly content with her unmarried status right now.

"It’s cool," Patrick told FOX of being single. "I think that turning 40 and being single … I was in a lovely relationship for a year and that ended in January, the beginning of the year.

To sort of step into my next decade alone was like, wow, OK. That kid ship might be sailing. I have no plans for my birthday right now because I’m now all of a sudden alone."

"There were some of those feelings of sadness in a way. But I also love being able to be spontaneous and spend time with my girlfriends and go on trips.

My life these days is like a jigsaw puzzle that I’m fitting together [with] work trips and play trips. So I’m going to focus on that. And when the right guy comes along, I’ll know it."

The former IndyCar and NASCAR racer, however, has had a few noteworthy partnerships throughout her life.

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