By Kuldeep Rathore 


Lamar Jackson Responds To News Of Failed Shoe Deal

Lamar Jackson has avoided using a representative ever since he started playing in the NFL five years ago.

Jackson's unconventional strategy hasn't stopped him from being successful on the field, but it might have harmed his finances in ways other than just his contracts with the Baltimore Ravens.

Mike Florio and Chris Simms suggested recently on NBC Sports Radio that Jackson lost out on some marketing possibilities due to his lack of official representation.

Florio mentioned "the shoe deal that wasn't, because he doesn't have a marketing company," in particular.

Jackson doesn't seem to believe the general public should take much of what Florio and Simms have said seriously.

Using a GIF of a perplexed LeBron James, he replied to them on Twitter tonight to convey how he felt about the reports.

Jackson doesn't have a deal to play football in 2023 and beyond, that much is certain. The Ravens have stated their commitment to the former MVP, and it is anticipated that they will at the very least place the franchise tag on him before the cutoff next Tuesday.

Even if they choose to do that, Baltimore might still decide to move Jackson if it becomes clear that a long-term agreement is not feasible or if another team approaches them with an unbeatable offer.

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