By Rupa Trivedi


Jay Bilas’ Viewpoint For Alabama Controversy: Viral

Jay Bilas, a collegiate basketball commentator, was a guest on "Pardon The Interruption" on Friday afternoon.

During his appearance on the program, Bilas was questioned about Alabama's decision to continue playing basketball sensation Brandon Miller in defiance of the fact that he was linked to a murder

Miller is a witness, not a suspect, according to the police, but there has been a lot of backlash from supporters who want Alabama to bench the top player

Bilas thinks the school has handled the situation "about as well as you can."

“I think that Alabama has handled this about as well as you can, with the exception of Nate Oats, his press conference, where he should have just said.

He Continued, This is a pending legal matter. Alabama and Brandon Miller have cooperated fully with authorities and will continue to do so. But beyond that, we have no further comment,'” Bilas said.

He added,  “That’s what he should have said and that should be the answer to all of these questions because some of these issues, Alabama’s not able to shed appropriate light on, and rightfully so."

Miller should continue playing while this process is going, according to Bilas

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