By Kuldeep Rathore 


harles Barkley Has Just One Requirement

Dylan Byers revealed two weeks ago that Charles Barkley and CNN are negotiating a news-focused evening program.

This week, Barkley made a concluding remark regarding his conceivable future with CNN. He told Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that he'll only do the show if he's paired up with Gayle King.

“They are trying to pair Gayle King and me,” Barkley said. “We don’t have anything set in stone. I’m only considering it because of my respect for Gayle.”

Working with King would be a "honour," continued Barkley.

According to Marchand's story, this Barkley and King programme wouldn't air every day for a number of reasons.

CNN's chairman and CEO, Christ Licht, is working to resurrect the network. Getting a fun personality like Barkley would advance that goal.

Barkley will be able to keep up his work with TNT if he joins CNN later this year.

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