By Kuldeep rathore 


Erin Andrews Viral Romantic Vacation Images

The conclusion of another NFL season signals that it is now time for the players and managers to enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

The trainers and athletes aren't the only ones to benefit from the break, though. It's also a relief for the news crews from all over the nation.

Erin Andrews, a field correspondent for FOX, is among them. She posted a picture on Instagram on Saturday afternoon that showed her and her spouse having fun on holiday.

She went skiing in Yellowstone with retired Hockey player Jarret Stoll.

After traveling across the nation during the 2022 season, Andrews deserves a break.

Before preparing for the 2023 season, she will have a few more months of downtime, but in the meantime, she will be very occupied with other business endeavors.

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