By  Amar Singh


Dallas Cowboys Was Recently Released From Prison

One former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys has recently been released from jail.

Sam Hurd was reportedly freed on January 31 and assigned to community detention in San Antonio, according to the Express-News.

The 37-year-old was accused of selling drugs and spent more than ten years in prison at the federal prison in Bastrop.

"Unlike some inmates after release from prison, Sam, in the future will follow the right path and be a positive part of society, Hurd's attorney Jay Ethington told the I-Team on Thursday.

"Sam was one of the very good guys that were drawn into the trap of illicit drugs. The Federal Judge who reluctantly imposed the severe sentence was confident that when Sam returned home he'd be law-abiding and successful."

Hurd played in the NFL for eight seasons, spending four with the Dallas Cowboys and one with the Chicago Bears, before being detained and charged with narcotic dealing in 2013.

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