By Kuldeep Rathore 


Cowboys Made Honest Statements Regarding Amari Cooper

The Dallas Cowboys' trade of Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper was undoubtedly the most contentious of all of their choices made last season.

The squad is now acknowledging that, in retrospect, they might have made a mistake.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones recently stated that the team admits that they didn't do enough to replace Cooper after trading him, according to ESPN Cowboys source Todd Archer.

It may have been foolish to put so much faith in Michael Gallup to perform like a world-class receiver after sustaining a Knee injury the year before.

"I think Gallup, we probably should've been a little more conservative. You know, most guys come off an ACL, especially skill guys, and maybe take a little time. I think Gallup's going to be back”.

“But getting a little confidence in our drafting, thinking (Jalen) Tolbert could step right in and do some things. I think it just sometimes takes a little longer with the receivers," Jones said.

Gallup had 39 catches for 424 yards and four scores by the end of the season, which he played in 14 games.

Cooper started each game for the Browns and finished with 78 catches for 1,160 yards and a career-high nine scores.

Amari Cooper had to be traded by the Dallas Cowboys last summer because they had no other option. They were stuck in cap purgatory too far to do anything else.

Moving other components around and managing their cap better, in retrospect, might have made the difference between winning and losing a number of games, not to mention their incredibly close postseason loss to the 49ers.

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