Calvin Johnson Informative Update

By Rahul Sharma

The Detroit Lions and Calvin Johnson are making strides at burying some grudges.

Earlier this month, the former All-Pro wide receiver said that things with his former team were "going up." Johnson said that he's having "some nice talks" with the organization when Jim Rome questioned him about his remarks on Tuesday.

Mike Disner, the COO, was praised for his concerted efforts to "get us back on the same page."

"I’m excited about him actually reaching out and putting the effort forward to try and make that happen," Johnson said (h/t Pride of Detroit). "That’s the difference that I have not seen in the past that’s happening now."

Johnson, who left the squad in his prime in 2016, hopes to reunite with them again in the future.

“I want to be back around football and help out the team,” Johnson said. “Not that they need my help, but I have a lot of experience to share with those guys, whether it’s football or off the field. I definitely could be of value to the organization."

The Lions forced Johnson to return $1.6 million of his signing bonus after his retirement. The two sides fought over that choice.

Johnson's career ended after nine seasons, but he still retains the team records for touchdowns and receiving yards (11,619). (83). For Lions supporters, watching them make apologies would be fantastic because he played a crucial role in the team's history.

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