By Kuldeep rathore 


Brutally Honest Confession By Caitlin Clark

On Sunday, Caitlin Clark successfully blocked a significant attempt.

With 1.5 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter and Iowa trailing Indiana by two points, the Iowa player stole the ball and threw up the game-winning shot to give the Hawkeyes the late triumph.

As Clark's colleagues rushed to embrace her to commemorate the game-winning shot, the crowd went wild.

After the contest, Clark was questioned about how she initially became outspoken.

We rehearse that move every single day, the athlete said. But honestly, I hit that shot in practice, so I had that in mind when we were in the circle.

When the ball departed her fingers, according to Clark, she believed she had hit the jackpot.

Caitlin Clark's game-winner, “Honestly, I thought it was money”

"Once I saw it go through the rim, I was excited. And to be able to do it for this team on senior day against the No.2 team in the country meant a lot."

Clark scored 34 points overall to help his team win.

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