By Rupa Trivedi


Blake Corum's Situation Is Updated By Jim Harbaugh

The Michigan Wolverines' successful season under Blake Corum contributed significantly to their appearance in the College Football Championship.

Sadly, Corum's leg injury prevented him from participating in the Playoff.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gave a report on Corum's recovery as he decided to return to Michigan for his final year.

Corum is improving in his rehabilitation, according to Harbaugh, but he isn't yet fully recovered.

The running back will be completely prepared "somewhere around the start of June," according to Michigan's head coach.

"He's out there every day," Harbaugh said. "He's not going through the drills, as he had surgery. Give it the time that's needed to recover, and build the strength back. He's in a great place."

Corum won't be taking part in Michigan's spring events, according to Harbaugh, as his complete recovery is expected to take place sometime in the summer.

Corum ran for nearly 1,500 yards and 18 scores in just 12 games in 2022, making him a Heisman Trophy contender. Due to his knee injury, he was unable to play in Michigan's two most crucial games of the season, the Big Ten championship and College Football Championship quarterfinal against TCU.

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