By  Amar singh


Aaron Rodgers, A Jets Legend, Makes A Sincere Statement

Joe Klecko, a recent inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, does not believe that his previous club should pursue Aaron Rodgers.

Recently, Klecko spoke with Zach Gelb on CBS Radio about the prospect of the New York Jets trading for Rodgers.

The illustrious defensive tackle admires Rodgers' abilities and successes but is concerned that he might have a negative impact on the Jets' dressing room.

"I don't think Rodgers is a fit with the young guys," Klecko told Gelb.

"I connected with this by thinking about a young squad that emerged when we began winning.

We all collaborated to develop it, which is why it worked well for us all. Over the years, I've followed Rodgers.

He is a superb athlete. Without doing what he has done, you cannot win the MVP award three times.

Klecko is in favor of New York concentrating on Derek Carr instead, who recently paid a call to the Jets after being dismissed by the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this month.

Rodgers has completed his solitary withdrawal in the dark, but he has still not declared his plans for 2023. When he does, the Jets' QB strategy should start to come together more.

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